Love to Snap (Alice O'Brien)
The Waiting Game (Alice O'Brien)
Busker (Dave Meehan)
Monkey Baba (Komeera Pillay)
Reflections (Ben Russell)
Street Chess (Tony Sweeney)
Street Musician (Dave Meehan)
Who is he? (Eva Hoffhannola)
The End is in Sight (Alice O'Brien)
Throwing shade (Komeera Pillay)
The Showoff (Komeera Pillay)
Wall Art (Paul Bates)
Men in Pub (Tony Sweeney)
Cistine Chapel Spiral Staircase (Gerry Daly)
Praying (Tony Sweeney)
Anger (Tony Sweeney)
Street Protest (Tony Sweeney)
Crumlin Road Sunrise (Paul Bates)
Family Shopping (Tony Sweeney)
Howth (Ben Russell)

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