Coming to get you (Neil O'Reilly)
Bonelli's Eagle Male (Maureen Hastings)
Golden eagle and rabbit (Neil O'Reilly)
Flying home (Alice O'Brien)
Gannets (Derek Clarke)
Preening Gannet (Maureen Hastings)
Harrier with cricket (Neil O'Reilly)
Angry Birds (Neil O'Reilly)
Cormorant (Marcin Ruta)
Love is (Alice O'Brien)
Puffin (Derek Clarke)
Sparrowhawk with a snack (Neil O'Reilly)
Red Kite (Neil O'Reilly)
The Undertaker (Neil O'Reilly)
Where Eagles Dare (John Raftery)
Lotus (Komeera Pillay)
Damselfly (John Raftery)
Lilac Veins (John Raftery)
Sunset (Eva Hoffhannola)
Cheetah (Komeera Pillay)
Giraffe (Komeera Pillay)
Seal (Derek Clarke)
Wicklow Garden (Eva Hoffhannola)
Looking for a mate (Alice O'Brien)
Deer (Yvonne Smyth)
Autumn in Marley (Eva Hoffhannola)

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