Lamenting (Ben Russell)
The Bridge (Neil O'Reilly)
Cliffs (Eleanor Whelton)
Repression (Karl Bergin)
Jess (Des Coates)
Baily Lighthouse (Derek Clarke)
Hands of Time (Ben Russell)
Sun and Shadow (Tina Ni Dheaghaidh)
Lasma (Karl Bergin)
Free falling (Komeera Pillay)
Bandstand (Dave Meehan)
uShaka Dancers (Komeera Pillay)
Isolation (Maureen Hastings)
Endeavour (Maureen Hastings)
Time for a Break (Tina Ni Dheaghaidh)
Every Rose has a Thorn (Alice O'Brien)
Just a little taste (Karl Bergin)
Reflections (Ben Russell)
Kylemore Abbey (Maureen Hastings)
Snow in the garden (Eva Hoffhannola)
The Lesson (Komeera Pillay)
Senescence (Eva Hoffhannola)
Thoughts (Kevin Maguire)
Forest Flow (Eleanor Whelton)
The Chimneys (Yvonne Smyth)
Tynecot Cemetery (Kevin Maguire)
Crossing the Gorge (Tina Ni Dheaghaidh)
Phoenix Park Rut (Kevin Maguire)
Landscape (Neil O'Reilly)
Cygnets (Alice O'Brien)
London (Derek Clarke)
White Rocks, Killiney (Kevin Maguire)
St Saviour's Ruin Glendalough (Paul Bates)
Waterfall (Eleanor Whelton)
At the end of the road (Alice O'Brien)
Forrest (Eva Hoffhannola)

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